Can you sell cricut projects

It has never been easier to start a handmade sewing business especially now that you have a personal cutting assistant to cut out the fabric for you so that you can save time on cutting and use it for growing your shop and revenue. Cricut Maker is the ultimate cutting machines designed to cut literally anything like fabric, denim, fleece, interfacing, leather, cork and so much more!

Bandanas are SO popular, and a must-have for literally every girl. You can start a business selling bandanas that are cut out using your Cricut Maker.

You can also offer customized bandanas in your shop that you can create using Cricut Iron-on vinyl. Leather wallets get SO popular during the holiday seasons. And with Cricut Maker on your side, you will be spending SO MUCH more time sewing rather than cutting which means you can stock up a variety of wallets in your store.

Cricut Design Space has a variety of baby shoe patterns to choose from to make and sell in your store. Cricut Maker has a large variety of clutches and purses you can choose to sell in your store.

Then, I shared with you the complete list of projects you can sew and sell using Cricut Maker. And finally, I shared some of the essential tools you would be needing based on my personal experience to help boost your productivity. If you liked the ultimate list of Cricut Maker projects to sell for sewists, make sure you pin it for later.


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About Hi, I'm Javeriya! Science student, bag making addict and a collector of all things pink, sparkly and kawaii. And did I mention I'm also a fabric hoarder! Have a look around. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine. And the Cricut makes it really easy to sell cheap and easy DIY projects!

Here are 39 Crafts to sell, that you make using your Cricut! Lots of people purchase the Cricut Vinyl Cutting Machine as just a way to make their crafting easier. Occasionally people buy with the intent to make easy crafts to sell for profit. If you are looking for things to start selling, this is an amazing list of Cricut craft ideas to sell.

Find things like wall art, picture frames, home decor, gift ideas and so much more. These baby bodysuits is also, one of my favorites crafts to sell! Learn how to use multiple Cricut Infusible Ink Colors on a single shirt.

Personalized Easter baskets are a great way to make a personal and unique gift for Easter. Adding names to your easter baskets creates a personal touch!

Who doesn't love free printable planner stickers? I know I do! If you are doing some goal planning and need planner stickers, you are in the right place. I have been looking around the house looking at things, like what can I make with this Which is how this Vanity Tray set with ring dish came about.

Make these free printable stickers to fit your Anna Griffin and your Happy planners or any other planner you have for that matter. The Cricut maker is an amazing machine that an cut a number of materials.

The hard part about applying htv to a zipper hoodie is the zipper! Check out my little hack and apply heat transfer vinyl to any zippered hoodie like a pro! Make these fun and easy Cricut custom koozies with adhesive vinyl.Spent all that money on a Cricut Machine?

Now you need to make some money and you want to put it to good use? How about this post on 11 Cricut projects to make and sell today. If this post contains affiliate links please see our full disclosure policy although I have to say I tried really hard to make it interesting and even I struggled to write it so if you really must read it you can find it here.

It will cut out shapes for you in various materials see the epic list below! Each template is saved digitally and you can even download them onto your computer or design your own ones and send it to the Cricut machine. You can send info to the Cricut from your smartphone too! The Cricut maker allows you access to their own digital library so you can download patterns to cut out. Think sewing library — wow no more pinning and cutting out fabric for patterns so if you love sewing then you have got to get Cricut Maker!

The software also allows you to make up your own designs to cut out as well. If you want to upgrade your Cricut Machine if you are into Sewing, Patchwork or Quilting then this particular Cricut Machine is specifically designed for you in mind.

So at this point, I would like to let you know there are other die-cutting machines out there. There are step by step instructions and lessons to dive into and its all very well explained.

If you need to upgrade your tools or accessories here is a list of bundles you can get to try out different types of materials to get familiar with them before you start cranking out lots of items for sale. Cricut Explore 2 — best all-round. Cricut Maker — best for sewing projects. Fine Point Blade use with paper, vinyl, card, poster board, thin chipboard, sticker paper, thin stencil sheets, tattoo paper, vellum, cellophane. Fabric Blade — you can use the fine point blade or deep point blade for fabric but buying a fabric blade will give you better results.

Knife Blade Cricut Maker - similar to the deep point blade but can cut materials 3 times thicker than Cricut Explore max thickness 3mmthick Balsa wood, basswood, thick leather, thick chipboard, thick craft foam. Rotary Blade Cricut Maker - washi sheets, crepe paper, tissue paper, cork, delicate fabrics. The newest kid on the block is the Cricut Maker — this one has been upgraded to be smarter and cut more materials the other Cricuts.

Do you want to find out the differences then check out this post from Cricut? What Makes Cricut different from Explore?This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. If you make a purchase through one of my links I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Hey there crafty friend! When I first bought my Cricut my husband was a wee bit upset with me. I had a work from home job so I could homeschool our kids. But that job was making less and less money.

Which means money around here was really tight. Super tight. But these seven tips will help you make money with your Cricut. Really just be yourself. Bring your quirkiness and creativity to the table. They are a crazy hit and soon everyone was selling them. So you could be one of the first people to jump on a trend ride the wave until the next hot seller comes along. Take a look at the picture below.

The one on the top row looks just like the other for sale on Etsy. The seller on the bottom added her own spin on things. Which one stands out more? Which seller can charge more and make a higher profit? You can find super deals and freebies for premium fonts at fontbundles. Nobody wins. I was one of the event planners for a concert this Summer. One of my co-planners announced that she had a shirt girl and was having custom shirts made for us.

Ummm helllo? They all know I have a Cricut. I can make shirts. I would just charge cost -if that. But her mind went straight to her shirt girl. Because the shirt girl only does shirts and she does them well. I do painted signs and decals by the way. So when someone wants one of those they think of me. I know someone else who just does earrings. You may think making and selling everything under the sun will give you more variety, therefore more customers, therefore more money.

15 Cricut Projects to Make and Sell (2019)

What it will give you is more cost, more burnout, and more products not selling. Work on your Cricut craft business consistently. Ideally, you should be working on it every day. Some of you may just want to sell as a hobby and can only work on it once a week.

Whatever your schedule is do it as consistently as you can. Be consistent with pricing and quality too. Your customers should know what to expect from you.This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure here. Once I started playing with it, I got this incredibly excited feeling because I knew I could make money with this awesome machine.

I just knew I could start my own craft business with my Cricut because the possibilities are endless with this thing! I got a Cricut Maker about a year ago and I absolutely love it! There are plenty of ways you can sell your Cricut Maker projects online and offline to make money, but some of the best ways in my opinion are on your own websitean Etsy shop and on Amazon Handmade.

You can start a Cricut craft business as a side hustle or your full time job. But I do recommend selling on more than one platform and definitely on your own site eventually because Etsy and Amazon can change their rules, etc.

I started with Etsy and I have some really awesome tips to help you make your Etsy shop amazing! Who knows, one of these could be a profitable craft business idea for you to make money with your Cricut that creates the craft business of your dreams and allows you to work from home!

I had these when I was a kid and absolutely loved them! These are cards with holes so kids can sew yarn through them with a plastic needle through the holes.

can you sell cricut projects

You could also make these out of felt for a different take on it. Personalizing them would be a nice touch and make them unique to what can be bought in big box stores. So you could cut fabric pieces and put together a kit for someone to make their own DIY project. You could cut all of the fabric pieces on your Maker and put them in a cute box along with the thread, needles, embellishments, instructions, etc.

You could also include a personalized name cut from heat transfer vinyl for them to attach or a cute wood or leather tag to hang from it.

You could do them for all the major holidays as well as birthdays, weddings, showers, etc. There are lots of cute templates to use in Cricut Design Space. Use some of the cutout designs from Design Space to create your own unique embellishments.

9 Most Profitable Cricut Business Projects to Sell

Again, this could be a great Cricut craft idea to sell year round without major lulls. Create your own unique jewelry pieces to sell in your Etsy shop. Personalized Umbrellas You can personalize the clear plastic umbrellas with adhesive vinyl or the fabric umbrellas with heat transfer vinyl.

These would be great for wedding party photos, kids when they go to school with an umbrella or great for gift giving. Fabric, Paper, or Leather Flower Bouquets Lots of people are using alternatives to real flowers for their weddings.

Create a unique bouquet using fabric, felt, paper or leather. Design Space has flower designs that you can use to create something truly special. I love this tutorial on how to make felt flowers with your Cricut Maker from Everyday Jenny. Personalized Name Plates Use clear acrylic name plates to create personalized desk name plates for teachers and business people. Or these would even be cute for kids to put on their desk at home.

Personalized Clipboards Use clear acrylic clipboards and adhesive vinyl to create a cute personalized gift. Embellish it with a ribbon or flower too! These are great teacher gifts to make with your Cricut and sell in your craft business!

You can make cupcake boxes, popcorn boxes, bridesmaid and groomsmen proposal boxes, etc.When it comes to your Cricut machine there are so many things that you can do with it. If you ever thought about making money from your crafts, then here are a few ideas that you can make and sell for extra money. Check out this post for some serious inspiration for your next Cricut project!

Affiliate links included. Full disclosure here. Find popular quotes and create stencils out of them with your Cricut machine to make and sell canvas wall art.

can you sell cricut projects

Full tutorial via A Crafted Passion. Using tooling leather, you can create gorgeous leather jewelry! Full tutorial via Kingston Crafts. Using vinyl lettering you can create and sell personalized tools and gadgets. Create vinyl stickers with your Cricut maker and attach them to a cutting board for a perfectly quirky housewarming gift for friends and family.

Tutorial via Simply Darling. Create a set of kitchen towels with funny sayings, quotes or pictures. Create a set of customized lanyards that you can sell at sport events and other high traffic occasions. Full tutorial via Siserna. Design stencils with you Cricut maker that you can use to create seasonal door mats! Full tutorial via Kayla Makes. Create and design rustic signs home decor sets.

This is a great idea to make with your Cricut and sell for cash. Full tutorial via Where the Smiles Have Been. Although these lovely mugs are hand painted, you can recreate a similar style using stencils made from your Cricut machine. Full tutorial via Artlex. During seasonal holidays, it would be a great idea to make and personalize buckets for children!

Via Pinterest. Create cuffs related to a school, sports or family event and sell for quick money. Full tutorial via The Housewives of Riverton.Not only do I use it for a variety of paper and party crafts, but I heavily rely on it to make inexpensive, easy, and quality decor, labels and accessories for our home! In fact, owning and using my die-cut machine is one of the main ways I am able to decorate our home so quickly and cheaply move after move after move!

This post contains affiliate links. One of my favorite ways to update our homes is to add vinyl decals to our walls. From dots and dashes, to animals and phrases, they are a quick, easy and completely removable solution!

can you sell cricut projects

BUT…vinyl decals can also be expensive when bought from a shop or retailer, especially if you have a big wall to fill. When you can cut your own, you can dramatically change your room for the simple cost of a roll of vinyl or contact paper! Here are 5 of my favorite wall decor updates! Using a Cricut Explore allows me to get really clean, professional, and impactful results with minimal effort! Here are some of my favorites in recent years:. In addition to cutting out shapes and images, one of my all-time favorite ways to use my Cricut Explore is to make typography-style artwork.

Anyone who has cut letters out of anything paper, vinyl, fabric knows how tedious and tough in can be! Being able to make clean and precise wording to me is worth the investment alone! Being able to cut any shape from freezer, stencil or adhesive papers allows me to make my own stencils for a variety of projects!

Last but not least, most of you regular readers know that not only do I label almost everything in our home, but I most frequently make those labels with my Cricut Explore. Turn on your JavaScript to view content. If you do have an e-cutter, I hope this round-up inspired you to give some new projects a try around your home! Are you a Cricut lover or do you have one on your wish list this year? Be sure to check out my brand new Cricut Holiday Shopping Guide full of great picks anyone would love to find under the tree!

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